Health Science Videos for Kids #10 - Healthy Brain Burrito | Snack Science

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Learn more about your brain here:
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Health Science Videos for Kids #10 - Healthy Brain Burrito | Snack Science
Raise your hand if you like burritos! Today we are making special Brain Burritos, full of healthy fats, protein, and antioxidants to feed your brain and keep it healthy and strong.

HealthStart’s mission is to provide kids with the science behind good health so they can make good decisions about what they eat, and how they keep fit, take care of each other, and their environment.

Our award winning Snack Science series teaches young children how their brain, bones, circulatory system, muscles and digestions work. Videos include science experiments appropriate for children 3 to years of age, fun, healthy snack “art” preparation, songs, fitness activities and more to help your kids stay healthy and learning.

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