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Hello and Welcome!
We are a team of passionate educators who believe that a child’s mind has infinite grasping abilities and if guided in the right direction, they can achieve exceptional milestones. We also understand that a conventional educational mode may not be the best approach to guide our kids. Learning is deemed an exceedingly complex mechanism. Sense organs absorb stimuli from the environment, which is then processed by our brain to acquire new or modifying existing, knowledge, behaviours, skills, values, or preferences.
Learning primarily depends on the frequency and amplitude of the stimuli. The stronger and more frequent the stimuli, the better is the learning process.
Team Teolets believes in using scientific principles to enhance learning by reinforcement of multiple stimuli factors. Visual stimulus- what the child sees; Auditory stimulus- what the child hears or Motor stimulus- what actions the child takes, all these determine the efficacy of a child’s learning.
All our videos are scanned by a team of experts to make sure that they comply with our pedagogical philosophy and the Sensory Stimuli Guidelines (SSG). Our videos are easy to understand and very attractive for young minds. Our structure inculcates the basics of Kindergarten teaching while enabling the child to learn in a playful manner.
Our endeavour is to create, accentuate and path this series like a self-learning course. Over a period of time, we will be able to customise solutions for your child depending on the appropriate learning stage of your child and their interactive feedback which we will receive through constant app monitoring. The general content that we are creating now, along with the help of Artificial Intelligence will be curated for each and every child who joins our program.
The intent behind the creation of this channel was to enable a platform for parents to allow their young children to watch videos without feeling the guilt of exposing a toddler to a television, laptop or mobile screen. Our videos have been created to keep tiny tots engaged, ensuring that they have fun while they learn. The storyline, the songs, the character design, video graphics, and colour palettes have been specially created for 2-7 year olds. Now, you can subscribe to our Channel and scroll to a playlist of your choice and keep your mind at ease as we take care of your toddler’s entertainment and education.
If you are a teacher or parent of toddlers, children in preschool and kindergarten or you are a young mind on a trip to self-discovery, do join our budding community!
You can also visit us on our affiliated websites for more information about us and our educational structure:
As ardent believers in a radical education system synchronised to meet the needs and demands of modern day parent and child, we recognize the incredible ingenuity in children, and we hope that The Teolets will become a fun haven for them to learn and play.
The Teolets team
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